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The presented projects are ranked chronologically as follows:

  • Tisaru Inn (Lepsa, Vrancea County)
    Year: 2002
    Partner: arh. Paul Hartescu
  • Piatra Craiului Museum
    (Zarnesti, Brasov County)
    Year: 2007
    Partners: arh. George Postelnicu, arh. Ion Soreanu, arh. Bogadan Stefan
  • Pavillion (Lepsa, Vrancea County)
    Year: 2010
    Partner: arh. Bogdan Stefan
  • Mountain Inn, Rosarum Villa
    (Calea Glajariei, Rasnov, Brasov County). Working project.
    Partners: arh. Ion Soreanu, arh. Emilia Tugui, arh. Bogadan Stefan, arh. Ileana Savescu
Other projects in the works:
  • Curmatura information point (Curmatura, Brasov County), a project prepared for execution purposes (D.D.E.)
    arh. George Postelnicu arh. Octavian Nistoroiu
  • Space conference
    (Lepsa, Vrancea County)
    , working project
    Partner: arh. Octavian Nistoroiu
The latter Rasnov development is executed on the hand-split shingle model described above, while the others present some small differences in size and assembly concept.
Unconstructed projects:
  • Piatra Craiului Museum - Rucar
    Partner: Melon Design Studio
  • Neamt Museum - Neamt
    Partner: Melon Design Studio
  • Buffalo reservation center - Neamt
    Partner: Melon Design Studio
  • CLOP: Museum and laboratory of traditional technique in the Marginimea Sibiului area
    arh. Ileana Savescu